Nosotros los de abajo


We below

See reflected an undeniable reality, a reality which we all live, a reality in which we participate and are complicit in their actions, making every citizen an involuntary and forced contributor, letting drag us and future generations leaving a legacy of an unusable system corrupt and inefficient.

It is an opportunity to express a grievance as a society to a certain phenomenon, we are a

Stop thinking that things would get better by themselves, if we do something for ourselves as a society, no one will.

This project provides an opportunity to express graphically the events and social factors that surround us and dragged us to the social disasters, we see expressed in the 28 days of February 2011, some of the most recurrent social problems, not only happen here, they happen throughout the Republic, problems worsen, extend and control our society, problems that are repeated again and again.

The active groups are minimal, those who protest against the evil social factors are very few.
Do something about it, change things in the future.

Project in 2011

Exhibited at: Cuba, Cancun, Merida

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