El Palacio de los Insaciables


Project carried out during 2014 and part of 2015, unfinished.

It is the last project that Pablo Mendez has been done so far, with a touch of black humor, conceptualizing and / or historical figures with contemporary social influences.

In this growing project, a program showing the insatiability of being intrinsic human need that is done. Appetite being the cause of this metaphysical and moral state of thought, of ideas, of sociability of human beings. It becomes a growing sense and conflict with the order of the natural human simplicity, which the pristine feelings of the needs of each Being is derived.

Insatiability of all worldly pleasures offered as; money, power, competition, success and vanity are the cause of our mental destruction. The human appetite is more than a series of actions, are thoughts, ideas and obsessions that become a way of life that is transmitted expansively.

You can believe through this photographic series that are an embodiment of imaging and concepts created, leaving a small drawer to really liberating ideas, restricting the Self and its natural intrinsic capacity for coexistence with society, by the devastating thought possession and uncontrollable appetites created by the great world dominatrix. As Gombrich says, “Images can be perceived, in fact, as images based on convergent divergent perspective objects.” The formation of ideas and concepts and understanding are the lifeblood of the concept of modern thought.

The perception of reality and the social nature is lost, the auctioned by the idea of ​​insatiability, in the end all the time, as a result, we live in lack.

Marshall McLuhan in his book The medium is the message says … “are communication ideas that shape society, great fabrics traveling conceptual ideas to describe a thought or another” …

As the pure function of art, the Palace of the Insatiable is a socialist, economic and political criticism.

Pablo Méndez fotógrafo