The “Edipo” series is a creation of synthetic pretensions of sexual idea is not resuming sexual diversity is the fact of reducing it to a generic and artificial space, is the movement of social construct, is a canon of mental direction with a series of processes to reach a climax.

A series of self-portraits of a state of great shock and apathetic valuation of sexuality, physical needs versus the emotional and social needs. An apology to the Marquis de Sade.

It is a photographic series that dives into the sexual cliché, masturbation, fantasies, fetishes, perversions and reconocmiento car as sexual beings in their own mental complexities, being that personality will always be affected by our own ideas sexual conception as well as the state of ataraxia that is to get through sexual purpose.

The works are constructed with metaphorical spaces and reductionism conceptualized ideas about the sexual aspects, monitoring protocols mental division to reach a state of penetration and ejaculation, a binary code of practice of the ideal and not unfavorable, the mind acts as a divided state of mind in which the body is corrupted versus desire without achieving the connection.

Sexuality is individualism, because even assuming the physical connection, the link between thought is fictitious desire and coloquialista expression of love.

2013 Project

* Works without censorship, only they have been presented on display.

Edipo-1 Edipo-2 Edipo-3 Edipo-4 Edipo-5 Edipo-6 Edipo-7 Edipo-8 Edipo-9 Edipo-10 Edipo-11 Edipo-12 Edipo-13